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Harkishan Mehta Books Pdf Download

Harkishan Mehta Books PDF Download

Harkishan Mehta was a famous Gujarati author who wrote many novels, short stories, biographies, and plays. He was known for his thrillers, historical fiction, and social commentary. He was also a journalist and editor of several magazines and newspapers. He was awarded the Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak in 1992 for his contribution to Gujarati literature.


If you are looking for Harkishan Mehta books PDF download, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some links and sources where you can find and download his books for free. We will also give you a brief overview of some of his most popular works.

Where to Find Harkishan Mehta Books PDF Download?

There are several websites and apps that offer Harkishan Mehta books PDF download for free. Some of them are:

  • : This is a project of the Internet Archive that provides access to millions of books in various formats, including PDF. You can search for Harkishan Mehta books by his name or by the title of the book. You can also preview some of his books online before downloading them.

  • : This is a website dedicated to Gujarati literature and culture. It offers a large collection of Gujarati e-books, including Harkishan Mehta books, for free download. You can also read the books online on the website or on the Dailyhunt app.

  • : This is an online store that sells Gujarati books in print and digital formats. You can buy Harkishan Mehta books as a whole set or individually. You can also download some of his books as PDF files after making a purchase.

Some of the Best Harkishan Mehta Books

Harkishan Mehta wrote more than 60 books in his career, spanning various genres and themes. Some of his best and most popular books are:




Mukti Bandhan

Social drama

This is a saga of a self-made businessman who rises from rags to riches, but faces a moral dilemma when his past catches up with him. It is considered as one of the best novels in Gujarati literature.

Jad Chetan


This is a series of two novels that revolve around a mysterious cult that practices black magic and human sacrifice. It is based on real events that took place in Gujarat in the 1980s.


Historical fiction

This is a trilogy that depicts the life and times of Maharana Pratap, the legendary Rajput king who fought against the Mughal empire. It is a blend of history, romance, and adventure.



This is a novel that explores the mythical world of gods and demons, and their conflicts and alliances. It is based on the Hindu scriptures and folklore.

Pila Rumal Ni Gath

Crime fiction

This is a novel that follows the investigation of a series of murders that are linked by a yellow scarf. It is a suspenseful and gripping story that keeps the reader guessing till the end.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Harkishan Mehta books PDF download. If you are a fan of his works, or want to discover more Gujarati literature, you can check out the links we provided above. Happy reading!


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