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Durufle Requiem Vocal Score Pdf 35

Durufle Requiem Vocal Score Pdf 35

The Requiem, Op. 9, is a choral-orchestral setting of the Latin Requiem by French composer Maurice Duruflé, published in 1948 by the French publishing house Durand. It is one of the most popular and frequently performed settings of the Requiem Mass, along with those by Mozart, Verdi, Fauré, and Brahms.

The Requiem was first performed in 1947 at the Salle Gaveau in Paris by the Chorale Philippe Caillard, under the direction of Roger Desormière. Duruflé dedicated the work to the memory of his father, who died in 1945. The composer later revised and simplified the work twice, in 1961 and 1972, reducing the orchestral forces and adding versions for organ accompaniment only or organ with chamber orchestra.


The Requiem consists of nine movements, following the liturgical text of the Mass for the Dead. The movements are:

  • Introit: Requiem aeternam

  • Kyrie eleison

  • Domine Jesu Christe

  • Sanctus

  • Pie Jesu

  • Agnus Dei

  • Lux aeterna

  • Libera me

  • In paradisum

The work is notable for its use of Gregorian chant melodies, which Duruflé incorporated into his lush and expressive harmonic language. The composer said that he wanted to "put into music the faith that I profess as a Catholic". The result is a serene and sublime musical meditation on death and eternal rest.

The vocal score of the Requiem is available in PDF format from various sources online. One such source is [], where a user named Alexander Evstyugov-Babaev has uploaded a scanned copy of the score for SATB chorus and organ (with one movement for mezzo-soprano soloist and optional cello). The score is 35 pages long and can be downloaded for free or printed for personal use.

Another source is [], where a PDF file containing the score, practice recordings, and translation of the Requiem can be found. The file was created by the Michigan State University Choral Union for their performance of the work in 2020. The score is also 35 pages long and includes markings and notes from the conductor.

A third source is [], where a PDF document containing only the score of the Requiem can be viewed online or downloaded. The document does not have any additional information or annotations, but it has a clear and legible layout.

These are some of the options for finding a vocal score of Duruflé's Requiem in PDF format online. The work is a masterpiece of choral music that deserves to be studied and performed by singers and listeners alike.


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