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Hudson Bell
Hudson Bell

HD Online Player (The Man From Nowhere (2010) 1080p X2)

stephen, a quick test that may be important to identify whether the problem is with the boxes or the cables, or both is disconnecting the boxes from the receivers. if you can do this without losing any signal then you have proven that the receivers are in fact active at the time of the recording.

HD Online Player (The Man From Nowhere (2010) 1080p X2)

i tried connecting hd online player and the dvd recorder to the receivers using hdmi cables and the connections make it to the receivers but there is an error message that they cant connect to each other, but not sure what the message means. however, the receivers are both powered up and working.

i am trying to use the gen 1 vizio tv to watch movies. i was using a vizio converter in order to get the other dvd recorders out. right now i have the hdmi splitter connected and the other tv, old vizio, is plugged into it. i have gotten several error messages. one is that tv format is not supported. i will need to return it to the store.

on august 10, 2017 my vizio tv model no: vf-tz20 was working fine but suddenly stopped working. my "television repair" man couldn't figure it out. so, i bought a philips rp-h3015 dvd recorder. it would not work at all. i returned it. i bought a new vizio tv, vf-ehd55a. it also wouldn't work. so i purchased an hdmi 2 splitter from amazon, splitter model: hdmi2-svbp1hd. it was shipped to me from an amazon merchant. the package arrived in the mail but i didn't go to the post office to pick it up. i used the splitter and also purchased two lighthouse hdmi 2 splitter cable sets and a roku 3xrx001u3. i connected the lighthouse splitter to the vizio, the roku to the tv and the hdmi 2 splitter to the tv. the tv and the roku both work fine. the vizio still does not work. i could not figure out where the problem might be. so i took the hdmi 2 splitter to another tv, a mitsubishi 16" 4k t&g. the t&g would work fine with hdmi 2 but not with the vizio. the t&g has a 4k converter box, dma-3911w. when i plugged the t&g in via the hdmi 2 splitter the t&g would not work at all. the hdmi 2 splitter worked fine with the t&g. so the problem was at the source? well, how did the different tv's connect to the hdmi 2 splitter. the t&g connects directly to the source, the vizio does not connect to the source directly. the source is connected to the lighthouse splitter, the lighthouse splitter to the hdmi 2 splitter which is connected to the t&g. the hdmi 2 splitter does not work with the vizio. so, my guess is the problem is at the source. if the tv is connected to the hdmi 2 splitter direct the source works. but if the tv is connected to the lighthouse splitter the source does not work. why don't the lighthouse splitter and its roku work? i don't know but they don't. this is very frustrating. how can i get my vizio tv to work with my roku 3?


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