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Vende-se Design Bruno Porto Pdf Download

Vende-se Design: A Guide for Creative Professionals

Vende-se Design (Sell Design) is a book written by Bruno Porto, a Brazilian designer and educator, that aims to help creative professionals designers, illustrators, advertisers, photographers, etc. to promote themselves and their work. The book covers topics such as portfolio creation and presentation, resume writing and networking, how to approach potential clients, what to do (and what not to do) to get media exposure, how to protect your reputation, and the benefits of participating in competitions, publications and professional associations.

The book was first published in 2008 by 2AB Editora in Brazil, and later translated into English and Spanish. It features testimonials and tips from some of the most successful professionals in the country, such as Ricardo Leite, Julius Wiedemann, Gilberto Strunck, Erik Spiekermann, Billy Bacon, Gustavo Piqueira, Luli Radfahrer, Hiro Kawahara, Orlando Pedroso, Carol Hoffmann, Renato Alarcão, Marcelo Albagli, Michel Lent Schwartzman and André Stolarski, among others.


Vende-se Design is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to sell their creative services and products in a competitive market. It offers practical advice and examples of how to showcase your skills and talents, communicate effectively with your audience, and build a strong professional network. The book also includes a glossary of terms and a list of useful websites and books for further reference.

If you are interested in reading Vende-se Design, you can find it online in PDF format at [SKOOB], [Orelha de Livro], or [Amazon]. You can also check out Bruno Porto's website [] for more information about his work and projects.


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