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Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3: A Review

If you are looking for a virtual instrument library that can recreate the authentic sounds and techniques of jazz and big band music, you might want to check out Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 (JABB3). This software instrument collection features more than 50 instruments, including saxophones, trumpets, trombones, keyboards, guitars, basses, and drums. In this article, we will review the features, sounds, and usability of JABB3 and see how it can enhance your music production.



JABB3 is powered by the ARIA instrument engine, which is a highly optimized and efficient sample player that can run as a standalone application or as a plug-in in most DAWs. The ARIA engine allows you to load multiple instruments, adjust their parameters, and apply effects such as reverb and stereo stage. You can also use the ARIA player to record and playback MIDI data, or import and export MIDI files.

The instruments in JABB3 are divided into six categories: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, winds, keyboards, and rhythm. Each category contains several subcategories that offer different types of instruments, such as soprano saxophone, flugelhorn, bass trombone, piccolo, electric piano, and fretless bass. You can load up to 16 instruments at a time and assign them to different MIDI channels. You can also create ensemble presets that let you quickly load predefined groups of instruments, such as saxophone section, brass section, or jazz combo.

One of the main strengths of JABB3 is the realism and expressiveness of the instruments. Each instrument has a wide range of articulations and techniques that are specific to jazz and big band music, such as vibrato, growl, flutter tongue, mute effects, key noise, and extended ranges. You can control these articulations using various MIDI controllers, such as velocity, modulation wheel, breath controller, or aftertouch. You can also use the auto-legato feature to automatically play smooth transitions between notes. The instruments also have personality and character that reflect the style and tone of famous jazz musicians.


The sounds in JABB3 are sampled from high-quality instruments that were played by professional musicians in various recording studios. The samples are crisp and clear, with minimal noise and artifacts. The instruments sound rich and full-bodied, with a warm and organic feel. The saxophones are especially impressive, with a wide variety of timbres and nuances that can suit any mood or genre. The trumpets and trombones are also very expressive and dynamic, with powerful brass tones that can cut through any mix. The keyboards offer classic sounds such as grand piano, electric piano, organ, and accordion. The guitars and basses are versatile and groovy, with both acoustic and electric options. The drums and percussion are punchy and realistic, with several kits and styles to choose from.

The sounds in JABB3 are suitable for many types of music production, not just jazz and big band. You can use them for pop, rock, funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, or any other genre that requires realistic acoustic instruments. You can also mix and match the instruments to create your own unique combinations and arrangements. JABB3 gives you the flexibility and creativity to produce high-quality music with ease.


JABB3 is easy to use and intuitive. The user interface is simple and straightforward, with a main window that shows the loaded instruments and their parameters. You can access the instrument settings by clicking on the instrument name or icon. You can also use the menu bar to access other functions such as loading presets, saving projects, adjusting global settings, or accessing the help file.

JABB3 is compatible with most DAWs that support VST, AU, or AAX formats. You can use it as a plug-in within your DAW or as a standalone application. You can also use it with notation software such as Finale or Sibelius to create realistic scores and playback. JABB3 works well with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

JABB3 is affordable and offers great value for money. It costs only $149.95 for the full version or $49.95 for the upgrade from previous versions. You can also download a free trial version from the official website to test it out before buying. JABB3 comes with a comprehensive user manual and online support that can help you with any questions or issues.


JABB3 is a great virtual instrument library that can bring your jazz and big band music to life. It offers realistic and expressive sounds, a wide range of instruments and articulations, and an easy-to-use interface. It is compatible with most DAWs and notation software, and it is affordable and reliable. Whether you are a composer, arranger, producer, or performer, JABB3 can help you create amazing music with the authentic jazz and big band feel.

If you are interested in JABB3, you can visit the official website to learn more, watch demos, listen to audio examples, or download the free trial version. You can also read some reviews from other users and magazines to see what they think about JABB3. JABB3 is a product of Garritan, a company that specializes in creating high-quality virtual instrument libraries for various genres and styles. You can check out their other products, such as Personal Orchestra, World Instruments, Concert & Marching Band, or Instant Orchestra, on their website.


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