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Matching Rings: 6 things you need to know

The engagement ring is a precious piece with a significant meaning. It symbolizes romantic commitment.

This is part of French culture and tradition that makes this moment memorable.

Although the engagement ring is a symbol of love ring, its meaning and customs remain unknown.

In this article, learn about the history and symbolism of the engagement ring, as well as the various aspects to consider when selecting one.


The custom of giving an engagement ring as a sign of engagement is not new.

This usage dates back to Roman Antiquity and is derived from an Egyptian custom that stated that a vein connected the heart directly to the left finger ring. The Romans believed in this, as is evident by the Latin term "vena amoris" which translates to "vein of love".

The Roman tradition was then like this: during the time of engagement, the groom presented his bride a ring. The ring, which formed an ideal circle, represented eternal love. This wonderful tradition has been cultivated through time and still continues today.

From the Renaissance onwards, rings set with precious stones created their appearance. Today, they are considered a royal option for an engagement ring.


The engagement ring symbolizes the commitment to get married and share the life of your loved one. The circular design of the ring with no beginning and no end it evokes endless, eternal and undying love.

Despite the fact that engagements are less frequent than they were but they still carry an extremely powerful symbolic meaning. Many couples decide to continue the tradition.

It is possible to schedule an event to mark the anniversary of the engagement. However the ring will be offered at the time that is privileged and limited. Engagements aren't necessarily religious nowadays. Therefore, the ring is more of an expression of love.

The material of engagement rings is the material.

The engagement ring is usually made of gold. It can be a band.

In white gold Mixture of pure gold and nickel-zinc or palladium

In yellow gold – Mixture of pure silver, gold and copper

In rose gold - Mixture of pure copper, gold, and various metals

Engagement rings made of yellow gold are the most common. However, white gold models are especially popular. Elegant and modern white gold engagement rings work perfectly with diamonds and other precious stones.

Style & design

Classic ring, diamond solitaire double ring or old jewelry: there are many designs of engagement rings. The choice of engagement rings will depend on the preferences and preferences of the couple.

Take inspiration from the jewellery that a person typically wears.

A diamond engagement ring, however, is a great bet.

Diamonds and precious stones

The diamond symbolizes love for life and commitment.

The engagement ring that has diamonds is not just stunning and beautiful it is also a sign of sincerity. Diamond solitaires are among the most popular models for engagement rings.

All precious stones including diamonds, can be used to make ring ornaments. Emerald and sapphire are two excellent choices according to your preferences.

Maison Arthus Bertrand has several models of white-gold engagement ring that feature a gemstone, such as diamonds, or any of the above gems.

Wear an engagement ring

Traditionally the engagement ring is worn on the finger that is worn for the ring on the left hand. This custom also is a tradition that dates back to Antiquity and is referred to as "the vein of love".

The ring finger was originally intended to be used for wearing rings. The word"annular" is etymologically connected to the ring.

The engagement ring is placed on the same finger that the wedding band is placed on. The wedding ring is put on first, followed by the engagement ring. This way, the wedding ring will be closer to the heart of the bride.


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